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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. You can change the money on the website by using a tool called a currency converter. It’s located on the side of the page. Just click on the money you want to see, and the website will show everything in that money
    Yes. Definitely we do with the exception of Ukraine & Russia for now. We work with Fedex and the local postal office to ship our orders worldwide. We pack and ship the same , if not next working day. Most shipments by Fedex takes about 2-7 working days whereas the shipping by Postal Office takes about 30-90 working days. Please use Fedex if possible.
    • How long does it take for the order to be shipped to me?
      • We generally ship the same working day or the next working day for most items. Items like LED Decks or items that are on backorders will take a longer time.
    • How long is the delivery time?
      • For Fedex / DHL – Estimated Shipping Time.
        • USA (4-6 Working Days)
        • Europe (5-7 Working Days)
        • Asia (4-6 Working Days)
        • Australia / New Zealand ( 8-12 Working Days )
      • For Registered Mail ( Super Terrible Service ) – Estimated Shipping Time
        • 20-30 Working Days.
        • Tracking on
        • Tracking is as good as none.
    The shipping cost is automatically calculated at the checkout by the system. Here is how you can find out the shipping cost in only 3 steps.
    1. Add item to cart with all the product options selected.
    2. Enter your address in the checkout.
    3. The system will then show you the available shipping options & costs.
    Yes you may need to. Depending on your country import threshold. You may or may not be required to pay import duties and taxes to your local custom department before the shipment gets delivered to you. Countries like USA & Australia have much higher threshold like 800 USD. So items that are below 800 USD is tax free. The EU decided to remove the import VAT exemption limit (de-minimis) on low value goods as of 1.7.2021. This concerns the abolition of VAT de-minimis for goods ≤ € 10/22. While now goods valued ≤ € 10/22 are exempt from VAT, import VAT will be applicable from 1.7.2021. However, low valued goods will still be exempt from customs duties with beginning of July 2021. In contrast to that, import VAT and customs duties for goods > € 10/22 and ≤ € 150 remain the same after 1.7.2021. This means that import VAT will be applicable on all imported goods valued below € 150. Overall, Carbonrevo does not collect taxes on behalf of your local custom departments in advance & our prices do not include taxes & duties. Previously I do not need to pay for any import custom duties & taxes. Why do I have to pay when I buy from your store?
      • To be honest, we also hope that our customers do not need to pay the extra custom taxes & duties. The money collected does not go to us, but to your local government. It’s every citizen’s duty to pay custom duties & taxes for the goods they import. You are lucky if you do not have to pay. It’s only right if you have to.
      • We have absolutely no control over your local custom departments, so we are unable to instruct them to act as per your wishes.
      • Fedex / DHL / Your local postal service may require you to make payment for the duties and taxes before the item can be released from Customs to be delivered to you.
      • Please do not proceed to buy if you do not agree with it.
    No. We do not accept returns, refunds or cancellations. Only in the exceptional case of delivering the wrong or damaged item, we will send you another shipment. Photo proof of damage upon delivery is a must when submitting for claims. Due to the nature of the items we make, most items are custom made upon order. So we are unable to accommodate any cancellation request. If we have to do a refund, we have the right to impose a $20 USD chargeback fee & the Payment Gateway 5% fee. Else we will usual do a store credit.